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Hello Hello :)

Thank you so much for the visit!

If you are here, it means wedding bells are ringing, so let me start off by sending the biggest congrats your way! I’m so happy and excited for you :) If you’re checking us out for a bestie or family member because you think this is the best thing you’ve ever seen, then *fist bump* to you as well… You’re in the right place!

Before we get into the sauce, allow me to introduce myself as your editor–in-chief, Kysha Marie (hello again!). Among all of the vibrant and fun things here, I run this crazy and colourful ship.


Do what you love

I truly love what I do. I love pen to paper. I love print.

Hours by the table writing stories, drawing Bart Simpson over and over again, glued to Neil Buchanan on Art Attack (showing my age) but yes, I was that child, who has evolved into that adult; by my laptop all day... Even in travel. School book margins all the same width, neatly covered – no graffiti or creases – it was all about my work’s appearance! Amazing actually, how design and presentation has been my life’s passion, even as a child.

So where do I start?

I. LOVE. MAGAZINES. I love weddings. #Boom! Well, there’s a little more to it then that I guess.

So, I’ve been designing prints forever (still do) and have been obsessed with magazines even longer, collecting them throughout my teens and twenties -I mean, even my degree title is ‘Magazines’ lol! Literally. Really, it is.  

I just absolutely loved the concept of having a collection of beautiful photos, articles and tid-bits on the things I had a passion for, in between the physical pages of something I could keep forever. I luurrrvved that I could take them with me and read them ANYWHERE. The creative shoots, the typography (my fave fave bit), the writer’s personality and inspirational content did everything to get me where I am today. Lol, obviously, I’m still quite obsessed.

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My favourite thing of all time to eat is cake, the dance floor is my friend and the speeches either have me cringing, with my face buried in my boobs or grinning from ear to ear with a Kleenex in tow.

Outside of all things print and wedding related, give me a boat and the open sea and there’ll be zero complaints from me. :) After missing out for many years (due to a fear of flying), I’m intent on tattooing my passport beyond recognition! In the last three years I’ve visited Montserrat, Antigua, Morocco, Paris, Jamaica, Egypt and Barcelona. Where to next? Suggestions are welcome!


How did magazines and weddings come to meet, you ask? 

I’ve been working in the wedding industry over the last 5 years, creating wonderful wedding stationery, themed around some of the most non-typical subjects from Formula One Racing and the London Underground to TV Shows and tropical destinations.


Coming across a replica of OK Magazine at an event, my imagination immediately ran wild on how I could create something magical in the wedding space. As a print creative, my first thought was -HOW DO I TRANSFORM A SIMPLE ORDER OF SERVICE INTO THE SINGLE BEST PIECE OF WEDDING MEMORABILIA EVER?

Whatever it was, I knew it needed to be vibrant, professional - something that could match any well-known mag in WH Smiths and take on the personality of each couple that was on the cover. I thought about all of the printed bits and bobs that made up a wedding day; the menu, seating plan, the wedding agenda, the couple’s words! I was so alive with ideas that by the end of that car ride home, I had mapped out what you will come to know as Dapper & Bride.  Tah Daaah!

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As for the name, creating for the girls was easy, so something inclusive for all the grooms of the world was at the top of the list. Whether you’re a bride and groom, bride and bride or groom and groom, when you think ‘wedding’, you think bride, white dress, flowers – I mean that bridal list goes on for miles. I thought it was important to celebrate the grooms’ wedding story too – they do have lots to say right?

Most importantly, I wanted a space where WHO-EVERY-ONE could be glam squad cover worthy. #NoRules!

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*To connect wedding couples and their guests through creative and fun-loving editorial print
*To be the joyful jam in the joining of two families, providing the perfect conversation starter and ultimate wedding keepsake
*To ensure each edition of Dapper & Bride is stylish, bold and vibrant and of course, about love…

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There’s so much things to share, but one thing at a time lol… Lots to do around here! I do look forward to being part of your wedding journey and totally wowing you and your guests. You can read some of the experiences shared from clients here and if you’re ready to shop this is for you. If you’re still browsing the racks you can find out more about getting started on your publication here.

I’m always up for a chat, so please feel free to drop me a line or give me a call if you have any questions or want to know more about Dapper & Bride.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!




Ultimately, Dapper & Bride is Your Wedding Stationery Stylist. I sincerely love all things print! (Digital too!) My first product, the Personalised Wedding Magazine is a stand out wedding favour and I believe it is such an innovative way to share your big day’s events with your family and friends. There’s even one for after your wedding too.

Since the launch, I’ve introduced more print products such as Save the Dates, Invitations and Thank You Cards! Digital products such as Fingerprint Trees and Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Which are also in the online shop.

I try and do as many shows as I can, which are always a laugh. Our visitors have a ball and with the new cover shoot photo booth the photos we take are amazing. You get to experience a snippet of what a wedding featuring Dapper & Bride will be like. Magazine samples are in the goodie bags of many of London’s popular shows, so look out for those too!

Soooo guess who has graced the cover of Dapper and Bride Magazine?!

Eekkkkk!! I was so excited that Hollie and Joshua Wright wanted to feature Dapper and Bride at their June 2018 Spain wedding. Sworn to secrecy (vault is my middle name) our official D&B photographer Belinda was on set at their beautiful home to shoot these amazing photos you see featured. The couple had a white sprinkled with blush flower wall for their backdrop and were so happy with how everything turned out! So was I! #TeamWork defo makes the #DreamWork right?

Let me rewind a little bit... Hollie and Josh visited the Dapper and Bride stand when I was showcasing at the National Wedding Show at the Excel. A long and wild weekend that was, where we had met hundreds of really cool brides and grooms along the way. I remember them being like velcro to each other, but low key and loving the idea of the wedding magazine. Several weeks later they got in touch and the rest is history.

And how enthusiastic this bride-to-be-was! Amongst the million and one things a couple have to deal with when planning a wedding, Hollie's laptop crashes and she loses all the content created for their magazine! #TalkAboutDrama. Without missing a beat, she gets back to work on delivering this second round of content like a true champ!

Let's jump into a couple of my favourite things about their issue. - The shots with their dog, Millie... Super cute or what?! I can only imagine our photographer Belinda must have had a blast shooting those lol!

- Secondly, I love metallic everything. A bit of white and gold is such a fresh and classic colour combo of all time! -We've got to talk about the hen and bachelor weeks! Hollie's Vegas #GirlsTrip is what you call a GIRLS TRIP! Her squad was on 10! They definitely had the sauce!

Ello' Hello Magazine!

The story just gets more exciting as Hollie and Josh were featured on the cover Hello Magazine too ;) *Hence the sworn secrecy. One of the beautiful things about providing wedding stationery is when couples choose to send you wedding pics and photos from the big day. How glam, that this is the way we get to see their wedding photos! And how beautiful they were!

On the 2nd of July 2018, Hello Magazine released their story covering Hollie & Josh’s big day. GLAM SQUAD OR WHAT? It was so beautiful! Of course, I ran out to buy two copies lol! Stunning venue, beaded dress and live band! You just couldn’t go wrong.

Uubbeeerr excited to say the least. The feedback was fantastic, the responses from family members were just great and the social media tagging from the Mark and Jessica Wright were the cherries on top.