Hollie & Josh Wright


“We found Dapper and Bride at the wedding fair, straight away we loved how they presented their wedding magazines and how much we could show inside them for all of our guests. We thought it was a great idea for a wedding.

We got a guide on what to put on each page or ideas we could put across for our wedding. We loved sitting down together and filling out our journey and also picking photo memories for everyone to see. We did a photo shoot to have nice images on the cover - that was a fun day and also we get to keep them photos, forever.

When we received our mini magazines prior to the big day, they were even more beautiful in real life. The colours we chose and photos we pictured, all came together and they were perfect.

The experience from start to finish was amazing… We were so overwhelmed with the outcome. All of our friends can’t wait to plan their future weddings with Dapper & Bride in mind.”


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