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As much as Dapper & Bride are known for producing personalised wedding magazines, I also sell wedding invitations (and other bits of printed stationery) in the online shop.

I’ve been creating wedding prints for the last 5 years and have worked with some amazing couples. Inside my feature in Your London Wedding Magazine, I shared some tips about prepping and deciding on invitations for your big day. Discussing topics such as printed vs digital invitations, things to consider when thinking about your stationery style and trends for 2019/2020.

Read the full blog below:

In a world where communication is almost entirely digital, why is it important to send a physical invite?
I know, at this stage of your wedding planning the thought of sending digital invitations just makes life super easy right? A single click and it’s done! A quick WhatsApp, email, an event request on Facebook and that’s one thing struck off your to do list!

Yes, I get it… Of course, going digital is super handy, it’s easy to update and change on a whim and, with our inboxes flooded with notifications on a daily basis, unfortunately they’re easy to forget about too.  Living in a what I call a ‘scroll culture’ your wedding invitation deserves and requires much more than a 15 second glance or a ‘like’!

With that being said, here are my top three reasons why you should be sending physical invitations:

1)      You are the exclusive!

The best day of your life deserves a big announcement and an envelope through the doors of your guests will officially do just that! With this, you get to create and own your wedding experience. Setting the tone and adding your personality will definitely elevate your invitations, but holding it in your hands makes it feel real.

2)      The magic touch

Opening my folded invitations makes guests feel like they’re unwrapping a present - which makes for an amazing reading experience. They can feel textures, build a real appreciation and connection with colours and design. It’s something your guests can put on the fridge, keep in a safe place or show off to friends and colleagues. A physical touch really makes your invitation memorable.

3)      Personal post

One of my favourite things about opening a printed invitation, is seeing my name! It tells me - that out of the many potential invitees on a couple’s mile long guest list, I made the cut! Personalisation shows time and dedication. It makes guests feel chosen and special and remember, not everyone is on social media either, so personal post means everyone who lives on or offline gets a copy.

What should couples consider when choosing their stationery style?
Think about extending your personality into your prints and identifying your wedding vibe. Are you going for something vibrant or simple? Are you into boho chic or festival madness?  Think about theme and colours – what story you want to tell and, how that reflects on you both as a couple. Lastly, consider the first impression your loved one will have when they see your invitation for the first time.

Are there practical concerns that couples should take on board when choosing their stationery – eg postage costs, legibility affected by certain fonts / colour combinations etc?
When mailing out invitations, postage is a given. My rule ‘one per household’ is key to keeping those numbers down. Unless you’re in a hurry, second class post works fine too, but one thing you can give some thought to, is having RSVP options for both off and online users.

Your colour combinations should essentially be in line with your wedding day palette. Good fonts are ones that are clear to read at any size, and try to avoid any flamboyant or garish ones that may clash with your theme.  My invitations are colour led to ensure everything ties together with your day. I love clean bold fonts and paired with amazing photos which I believe truly make for an impactful wedding print.

What essential information does a wedding invite need to carry? From a design perspective, is it true that less is more?
In a nutshell - name, date, time and place! Don’t forget the RSVP deets. Designs are subjective and you want to have something that is a true reflection of you as a couple. It all depends on what you’re going for. As a non-traditional wedding stationer, I love things that are different and that stand out and have custom designed wedding prints based on F1 Formula One Racing to TV Shows and London Underground!

When should the invite be sent? What are the pros and cons of sending it well in advance?
This one’s a little tricky! Although the general rule of thumb is considered 6 to 8 weeks, many couples feel that this is much too close to their wedding day. Sending invitations is the easy bit, collecting timely RSVP’s – not so much! Numbers are key and with weddings – it affects many things including your catering, seating arrangements and venue layout, so the earlier you secure those figures, the faster you can get to work on those on-the day tasks.

The job of the Save the Date is to let your potential guests know there’s a special date (and location, if abroad) in their diary that’s not to be missed. Usually, if you’ve sent one out, responses from those are unable to attend should have already started to trickle in.

Some pros and cons of sending invitations well in advance:

Pros: If you’ve not sent out a Save the Date, slightly earlier invitations are better for notifying guests, especially before annual holidays and trips are booked. Advance numbers mean that you can get cracking on planning the on-the-day elements which is always a win. Early invitations are also perfect if you are inviting a host of overseas guests! They’ve got lots of planning to do in preparation for your wedding day – including hotel stay and transport.

Cons: Sending invitations too early can cause your invitees to misplace them, especially if they have put them away for safe keeping for an extended time. Once of the biggest cons is the delaying in RSVPs. People can have a tendency to forget about RSVPing because they think they have lots of time to get it done  then never end up doing it at all and now you’re stuck chasing your guest list at the last minute!

How many invites should a couple order? Is it the same number as the overall guestlist? How many spares should they account for?
I always advise my clients to send one invite per household and order at least 10 spares. Start your guest list with each and every person you want to invite, then you can group them into couples, families with children, singles and any potential plus ones if you’re feeling wildly generous.

If wedding invites are a ‘first look’ at the big day, how can couples convey the overall style of their wedding with their stationery choice?
Colour matching your prints is key for consistency, but wording also plays a big part in the styling of your wedding invitation. My wedding prints are all about using headlines and placing the couple front and centre. The language I generally use is very laid back, even humorous at times, but ultimately left up to couples to decide. There’s lots of room to sell your wedding day experience and engage with guests before the actual day with this magazine style look.

Although a very informal approach, my invitations feature all the details needed in a traditional invitation such as travel and hotel information, gift lists and special notes you want to add. One of my favourite things about Dapper & Bride’s wedding prints is the space set for my couples to write a personal message to their invitees. It’s the perfect way to welcome family and friends to what will be the best day of your lives!

What is trending in the world of wedding stationery for 2019/20? (colour palettes, motifs, etc)
Metallics and foil printing are becoming increasing popular. They add such a beautiful texture and feel to your wedding prints and is a fantastic way to add a luxurious touch to your stationery! With lots of clients featuring colours such as rose gold (my absolute fave) in their colour palette, foil printing is a wonderful way to go and my soon to be launching lux range of wedding invitations, will feature a dynamic list of colourful metallics.

Is there anything else couples should consider when ordering?
Think about your stationery items from top to bottom. I believe a consistently themed collection is extremely complimentary to a wedding day and ties everything together nicely. There are many bits you may look over, but are always worth checking out.

Hope this was super helpful!

Best always,




Marie Davis