2019 National Wedding Show @ExCelLondon - HERE WE COME!


Dapper & Bride are officially exhibiting at the National Wedding Show @ExCelLondon
12-13 October 2019

Ultimately, Dapper & Bride is Your Wedding Stationery Stylist. I sincerely love all things print! (Digital too!) My first product, the Personalised Wedding Magazine is a stand out wedding favour and I believe it is such an innovative way to share your big day’s events with your family and friends. There’s even one for after your wedding too.

Since the launch, I’ve introduced more print products such as Save the Dates, Invitations and Thank You Cards! Digital products such as Fingerprint Trees and Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Which are also in the online shop.

I try and do as many shows as I can, which are always a laugh. Our visitors have a ball and with the new cover shoot photo booth the photos we take are amazing. You get to experience a snippet of what a wedding featuring Dapper & Bride will be like. Magazine samples are in the goodie bags of many of London’s popular shows, so look out for those too!

Come and say hello, I’d love to meet you! We can take some shots at booth and have a natter about your wedding plans. You can find me on both days located in the Eclectic Boutique area.

Showcasing for the third year in a row, I’m always looking out for better and more exciting ways to share Dapper & Bride’s message and engage my products with visitors. I’m sure I’ll have more updates for you soon but for now it’s prep prep prep! I will share that I love colours (as you can probably tell by the site lol). and there’s going to be lots of purple😎mixed with some rose gold. You won’t be able to miss us.

For now, I’m going to leave you with some of the shenanigans from last years’ wedding exhibition. Amazing brides and grooms who really know how to strike a pose! They enjoyed my handmade veils (I’ll share a post on how I made those soon) and the funny face props too. We had a brilliant time and I just know this 2019 will be an even better year!

Press play on the mayhem below

There's lots of time to get your pose in order. Get your tickets here and see you there!

Best always,

Kysha x

Marie Davis
Gemma & Harry - The Showcase
Gemma and Harry Showcase.jpg
Dapper & Bride Dapper and Bride Your Personalised Wedding Magazine.jpeg


“I wanted something that was more personal then an order or service. We wanted to give our guests an insight to our relationship in a fun and funky way. The magazine was the perfect way to do that. Kysha was out going, fun and gave you every second of her time if you needed it. She was very professional and you really felt like she cared about your individual story. She was also very flexible…”

Gemma & Harry Nicholls


Wedding Photography Credit: Tom Beynon Photography

Totally loving his style of photography - it’s so fresh and clean… The shots he took of Dapper & Bride in action on this fab day were brilliant! Thanks Tom!

Get the full scoop of the day and see more amazing photos of Gemma & Harry’s wedding at Leeds Castle via Tom Beynon’s blog here!

Interested in booking a Dapper & Bride Personalised Wedding Magazine for your big day?

Marie Davis
Wedding Invitations Q&A with Your London Wedding Magazine!
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Dapper & Bride Wedding Invitations.jpg

As much as Dapper & Bride are known for producing personalised wedding magazines, I also sell wedding invitations (and other bits of printed stationery) in the online shop.

I’ve been creating wedding prints for the last 5 years and have worked with some amazing couples. Inside my feature in Your London Wedding Magazine, I shared some tips about prepping and deciding on invitations for your big day. Discussing topics such as printed vs digital invitations, things to consider when thinking about your stationery style and trends for 2019/2020.

Read the full blog below:

In a world where communication is almost entirely digital, why is it important to send a physical invite?
I know, at this stage of your wedding planning the thought of sending digital invitations just makes life super easy right? A single click and it’s done! A quick WhatsApp, email, an event request on Facebook and that’s one thing struck off your to do list!

Yes, I get it… Of course, going digital is super handy, it’s easy to update and change on a whim and, with our inboxes flooded with notifications on a daily basis, unfortunately they’re easy to forget about too.  Living in a what I call a ‘scroll culture’ your wedding invitation deserves and requires much more than a 15 second glance or a ‘like’!

With that being said, here are my top three reasons why you should be sending physical invitations:

1)      You are the exclusive!

The best day of your life deserves a big announcement and an envelope through the doors of your guests will officially do just that! With this, you get to create and own your wedding experience. Setting the tone and adding your personality will definitely elevate your invitations, but holding it in your hands makes it feel real.

2)      The magic touch

Opening my folded invitations makes guests feel like they’re unwrapping a present - which makes for an amazing reading experience. They can feel textures, build a real appreciation and connection with colours and design. It’s something your guests can put on the fridge, keep in a safe place or show off to friends and colleagues. A physical touch really makes your invitation memorable.

3)      Personal post

One of my favourite things about opening a printed invitation, is seeing my name! It tells me - that out of the many potential invitees on a couple’s mile long guest list, I made the cut! Personalisation shows time and dedication. It makes guests feel chosen and special and remember, not everyone is on social media either, so personal post means everyone who lives on or offline gets a copy.

What should couples consider when choosing their stationery style?
Think about extending your personality into your prints and identifying your wedding vibe. Are you going for something vibrant or simple? Are you into boho chic or festival madness?  Think about theme and colours – what story you want to tell and, how that reflects on you both as a couple. Lastly, consider the first impression your loved one will have when they see your invitation for the first time.

Are there practical concerns that couples should take on board when choosing their stationery – eg postage costs, legibility affected by certain fonts / colour combinations etc?
When mailing out invitations, postage is a given. My rule ‘one per household’ is key to keeping those numbers down. Unless you’re in a hurry, second class post works fine too, but one thing you can give some thought to, is having RSVP options for both off and online users.

Your colour combinations should essentially be in line with your wedding day palette. Good fonts are ones that are clear to read at any size, and try to avoid any flamboyant or garish ones that may clash with your theme.  My invitations are colour led to ensure everything ties together with your day. I love clean bold fonts and paired with amazing photos which I believe truly make for an impactful wedding print.

What essential information does a wedding invite need to carry? From a design perspective, is it true that less is more?
In a nutshell - name, date, time and place! Don’t forget the RSVP deets. Designs are subjective and you want to have something that is a true reflection of you as a couple. It all depends on what you’re going for. As a non-traditional wedding stationer, I love things that are different and that stand out and have custom designed wedding prints based on F1 Formula One Racing to TV Shows and London Underground!

When should the invite be sent? What are the pros and cons of sending it well in advance?
This one’s a little tricky! Although the general rule of thumb is considered 6 to 8 weeks, many couples feel that this is much too close to their wedding day. Sending invitations is the easy bit, collecting timely RSVP’s – not so much! Numbers are key and with weddings – it affects many things including your catering, seating arrangements and venue layout, so the earlier you secure those figures, the faster you can get to work on those on-the day tasks.

The job of the Save the Date is to let your potential guests know there’s a special date (and location, if abroad) in their diary that’s not to be missed. Usually, if you’ve sent one out, responses from those are unable to attend should have already started to trickle in.

Some pros and cons of sending invitations well in advance:

Pros: If you’ve not sent out a Save the Date, slightly earlier invitations are better for notifying guests, especially before annual holidays and trips are booked. Advance numbers mean that you can get cracking on planning the on-the-day elements which is always a win. Early invitations are also perfect if you are inviting a host of overseas guests! They’ve got lots of planning to do in preparation for your wedding day – including hotel stay and transport.

Cons: Sending invitations too early can cause your invitees to misplace them, especially if they have put them away for safe keeping for an extended time. Once of the biggest cons is the delaying in RSVPs. People can have a tendency to forget about RSVPing because they think they have lots of time to get it done  then never end up doing it at all and now you’re stuck chasing your guest list at the last minute!

How many invites should a couple order? Is it the same number as the overall guestlist? How many spares should they account for?
I always advise my clients to send one invite per household and order at least 10 spares. Start your guest list with each and every person you want to invite, then you can group them into couples, families with children, singles and any potential plus ones if you’re feeling wildly generous.

If wedding invites are a ‘first look’ at the big day, how can couples convey the overall style of their wedding with their stationery choice?
Colour matching your prints is key for consistency, but wording also plays a big part in the styling of your wedding invitation. My wedding prints are all about using headlines and placing the couple front and centre. The language I generally use is very laid back, even humorous at times, but ultimately left up to couples to decide. There’s lots of room to sell your wedding day experience and engage with guests before the actual day with this magazine style look.

Although a very informal approach, my invitations feature all the details needed in a traditional invitation such as travel and hotel information, gift lists and special notes you want to add. One of my favourite things about Dapper & Bride’s wedding prints is the space set for my couples to write a personal message to their invitees. It’s the perfect way to welcome family and friends to what will be the best day of your lives!

What is trending in the world of wedding stationery for 2019/20? (colour palettes, motifs, etc)
Metallics and foil printing are becoming increasing popular. They add such a beautiful texture and feel to your wedding prints and is a fantastic way to add a luxurious touch to your stationery! With lots of clients featuring colours such as rose gold (my absolute fave) in their colour palette, foil printing is a wonderful way to go and my soon to be launching lux range of wedding invitations, will feature a dynamic list of colourful metallics.

Is there anything else couples should consider when ordering?
Think about your stationery items from top to bottom. I believe a consistently themed collection is extremely complimentary to a wedding day and ties everything together nicely. There are many bits you may look over, but are always worth checking out.

Hope this was super helpful!

Best always,




Marie Davis
My 2 Pence: Dapper & Bride in Your London Wedding Magazine

Perfect on Paper

Whoop whoop!

Dapper & Bride is in Your London Wedding Magazine! July/Aug 2019 Issue

Being featured in magazines is extra special to me because I love print sooo much!

In this feature (as one of the ‘capitals designers’) I join some fellow creatives in sharing some advice on planning, mapping and creating ideas for your wedding invitations.

Amazing soundbites (thanks YLWM!😎) you can read the full article in the next post!

Your London Wedding Dapper and Bride Feature July 2019 pg2-3.jpg
Your London Wedding Dapper and Bride Feature July 2019.jpg
Marie Davis
Hannah O'Neil and Daniel Ayala Showcase

Aside from wedding exhibitions and fairs, Instagram is such an amazing place to meet couples who are looking for vibrant and adventurous wedding stationery!

The past month has been something a little different though. My DMs have included two bridal squad besties who wanted to gift a Dapper & Bride wedding magazine package to their bestie bride to be. Come to think of it, it does make for a fantastic wedding squad gift… Those girlies were on to something here. You can look out for the gift card launching very soon.

Onto the Juice:

The lovely Vanessa DMs me. Tells me she works for Hannah (who after poking around a bit, I learn that not only is she marrying Middlesbrough Footballer David Ayala, she is also a queen of personalised gifts herself eeeeekkkk). She runs this truly wicked business; HA Designs – personalising bridal PJs, wedding party sets, leather goods and hats and, also has her hand in florals too! You should really check it out!

So, what wedding present do you get a bride to be who loves all things personalised? [Insert cheeky grin here] A Dapper & Bride print of course! I mean really, this was surely a match made in Heaven, right? Now, excitement levels were on 10, because 1) this thing was supposed to be a surprise (I love surprises and I am a human vault) and 2) I knew the level of appreciation for a wedding favour of this nature would be sky high – purely because it was from one lover of personalised goods to another.

The bride and groom have been together for 10 years and counting and have two little adorables running around. Daniel is Spanish (Hannah is from the UK) and this, what I knew would be a beautiful wedding, was to be in Marbella, Spain. With family members attending from both sides, here’s where the set up gets even better. Vanessa thought it would be amazing to have two versions of their wedding magazine– one English and one Spanish. I was sold!

The Ayala’s: English and Spanish versions of their feature story in Dapper & Bride

The Ayala’s: English and Spanish versions of their feature story in Dapper & Bride

Translation: Spanish

Now, although my very first personalised magazine couple - Patience and Ben were French, their stunning nuptials took place in a castle outside of Paris and featured some French translations in their issue of Dapper & Bride, one of my dreams since I started this brand was to have an full issue in print that was in a completely different language! And It was about to come to life.

A full Spanish version of their magazine was such an incredibly thoughtful idea. There are so many couples who are getting married where two different and amazing cultures are about to come together, whether it be two different religions or ethnic backgrounds and, in this case, different languages.

At such a central celebration like a nuptial throwdown -especially where there would be a language barrier, I’ll toot my own horn and say it - an all-inclusive guest wedding favour is fantastic. Everyone gets to share and appreciate the same wedding experience. I always believed D&B mags function as a great conversation starter, so I can only imagine the role they played on Hannah and Daniel’s big day.

The Glitter Bomb of Pressure

At one point, Vanessa really had me clutching my pearls for a moment, because the wedding day was approaching faster than Usain Bolt sprints to a finish line and for a minute there, it was radio silence! Usually, I work together in tandem with the couple, so I have a better idea of where things are, but this time around, working without the couple, I knew there was many conversations going on to get this thing in place, so there was this teeny tiny glitter bomb of pressure ready to go off, as I truly wanted this gift to be a great one.

Understandably, it was headless chickens over on their side of the fence (the final days of wedding prep almost always is – especially when it’s overseas), but once we got to work it, was on like Donkey Kong! I had Vanessa finalise the English version first and then she sent over the translations for the Spanish content, taking a single day’s turnaround for each version. Complete smooth sailing. Thank the stars for my printer buddies who I knew would not let me down last minute!

As always, my file copies came and I was so happy to see them! A gazillion emails and a phone call later and now all I had to do was wait for the wedding day to arrive. I don’t know why, but I always find it so nerve racking working in wait! The first tag alert comes and I fell instantly in love with the visuals. A guest (with a serious rock on her finger) had filmed a flick through of the mag from her seat at the table - sharing it on The Gram with the caption “How do you think of these things?” Another guest had posted with the caption “It’s in the details”

 Wedding Vibes

I was blown away by the amazing wedding décor. Outdoor weddings just ooze lux and wedding goal vibes and I just couldn’t stop glaring at the photos. The white aisle and florals were just perfect – so simple. The gold cage style chairs for the bride and groom, with natures blue sky serving as the perfect backdrop – oh my! It was beautiful. 

The couple’s colours were white and gold, so I ensured that their magazine favours were in sync throughout each page. Their wedding issue, as it was a gift from the girls, featured the squad Charlotte, Vanessa, Natalie, Fiona and Mel as the ‘Editors-at-large’ and included a welcome message from them to the couple and other guests. They featured the list of the full wedding party, the couple’s ever so cute feature story about how they met one night in Liverpool to the building of their family with their two little boys. There were touching messages from both sets of parents (Daniel’s parents’ Spanish notes translated into English for the English version), a mini gallery, word search puzzle as well as the special dates from the couple’s life together. 


How gorgeous do these magazines look on the gold textured place settings? They were placed next to each guest’s personalised napkin. I mean – this is just goals goals goals here. My eyes popped out of my head on those. Absolutely stunning!

The bride wore an off the shoulder stunning Pallas Couture gown and Daniel’s white and black tux was a complimentary match. Their custom gold name sign was a stand out piece for me! Such a nice touch. 

The Ayala’s got married at Finca La Concepcion, Carretera Istan, Marbella. This place has palm trees to die for (please excuse my thing for palm trees – there’s even a huge one in our garden lol – and I live in London lol). World renowned performers The Function Band had everyone on their feet singing classics throughout the day to night – The whole thing just looked amazing.

As always, I’m exceptionally thankful for being asked to tag along in a couple’s wedding journey and this one was no different. A big shout out to Vanessa for jumping on this! A huge congrats to the couple, I can tell by the snaps they had a fantastic time and will be a day to remember for many years to come.

Best Always,

Kysha x

Marie Davis
Hollie Kane & Joshua Wright’s Dapper & Bride Showcase


“We found Dapper and Bride at the wedding fair, straight away we loved how they presented their wedding magazines and how much we could show inside them for all of our guests. We thought it was a great idea for a wedding.”


Soooo guess who graced the cover of Dapper and Bride Magazine?!

Eekkkkk!! I was so excited that Hollie and Joshua Wright wanted to feature Dapper and Bride at their June 2018 Spain wedding. Sworn to secrecy (vault is my middle name) our official D&B photographer Belinda was on set at their beautiful home to shoot these amazing photos you see featured. The couple had a white sprinkled with blush flower wall for their backdrop and were so happy with how everything turned out! So was I! #TeamWork defo makes the #DreamWork right?

Let me rewind a little bit... Hollie and Josh visited the Dapper and Bride stand when I was showcasing at the National Wedding Show at the Excel. A long and wild weekend that was, where we had met hundreds of really cool brides and grooms along the way. I remember them being like velcro to each other, but low key and loving the idea of the wedding magazine. Several weeks later they got in touch and the rest is history.

And how enthusiastic this bride-to-be-was! Among the million and one things a couple have to deal with when planning a wedding, Hollie's laptop crashes and she loses all the content created for their magazine! #TalkAboutDrama. Without missing a beat, she gets back to work on delivering this second round of content like a true champ!

Let's jump into a couple of my favourite things about their issue. - The shots with their dog, Millie... Super cute or what?! I can only imagine our photographer Belinda must have had a blast shooting those lol!

- Secondly, I love metallic everything. A bit of white and gold is such a fresh and classic colour combo of all time! -We've got to talk about the hen and bachelor weeks! Hollie's Vegas #GirlsTrip is what you call a GIRLS TRIP! Her squad was on 10! They definitely had the sauce!

Ello' Hello Magazine!

The story just gets more exciting as Hollie and Josh were featured on the cover Hello Magazine too ;) *Hence the sworn secrecy. One of the beautiful things about providing wedding stationery is when couples choose to send you wedding pics and photos from the big day. How glam, that this is the way we get to see their wedding photos! And how beautiful they were!

On the 2nd of July 2018, Hello Magazine released their story covering Hollie & Josh’s big day. GLAM SQUAD OR WHAT? It was so beautiful! Of course, I ran out to buy two copies lol! Stunning venue, beaded dress and live band! You just couldn’t go wrong.

Uubbeeerr excited to say the least. The feedback was fantastic, the responses from family members were just great and the social media tagging from the Mark and Jessica Wright were the cherries on top.

Best Always,

Kysha x

Marie Davis